Second hand bikes

A purchase of second hand bikes can be quite complex indeed. The question is whether you should wait and save more and get a new bike or look for a place where you can buy second hand bikes, but then live with the uncertainty if it falls apart within a few days - but do not fear! Brøndby Cykler is the right place to buy second hand bikes. The reason we claim it is because in addition to preparing our second hand bikes so they are completely finished with new and robust parts, we ALWAYS offer 3 months warranty when buying second hand bikes from us!

second hand bikes


Find second hand bikes at Brøndby Cykler!

For some people, it's the dream of buying a new bike, while on the other hand people who prefer to buy second hand bikes because they do not want to spend too much money by buying a new bike. New bikes are expensive and when you start thinking about buying them, you are caught in a mindset. But you can get your fingers in second hand bikes by paying just half the money to be placed for a new bike. But at Brøndby Cykler you can save up to 70-80% of the new price! The price of second hand bikes is determined by only looking at their condition and mileage. Those who prefer to buy used bikes can contact the store by visiting our physical bike shop in Brøndby or here on our website under the menu item.

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3 month guarantee on used bikes

That's why it's a good option for those who want to have secondhandbikese and want to make them a big part of their everyday lives. Everything depends on the customer's idea of the type of second hand bikes they want to buy from us because we have bikes that have been used for 2 years and have bikes that have only used respectively. 2 months, 6 months and 12 months. We should not believe that we will only buy new bikes, because second hand bikes can also be your friend!

Even if you buy a bike that has been running for a couple of years, we always guarantee you a 3 month warranty when you buy second hand bikes at Brøndby Cykler.

We offer bicycle repair

We sell many second hand bikes, and we also repair them and make sure they are durable. Second hand bikes are sold with a three month warranty. We also provide a close estimate of the total cost of repair and give you a specific date when the bike will be repaired and ready for delivery.

Our expertise in second hand bikes

Find a bike shop with expert staff. The best you will find has a great passion for cycling, and loves to share their knowledge about bikes with others - and that's exactly what you find at Brøndby Cykler. The bike industry has many different service classes for mechanics, and therefore we think at Brøndby Cykler that it is important that we have the right training and expertise to answer all your questions regarding second hand bikes. We think it's important to find a bike shop that can provide you with personalized service and expert advice.